Private Property Towing

If you have abandoned vehicles and or parking problems with un authorized vehicles we would like to help. 

We are a 24 Hour Full Service Private Property Towing company that can remove any kind of vehicles that may be abandoned or wrongfully parked on your lot. A+ BBB Rating Licensed and Insured. Permitted by City of Arlington.

We will put up signs at no charge that are required by law to inform customers of the parking rules and begin to keep your lot clear of unwanted abandoned vehicles at the owner of the vehicles expense. No Charges are ever made to property owners. All charges are responsible to the owner of the wrongfully parked vehicle.

By law we are required to have a contract with the property owner to perform private property towing so contact us today to get started setting up an account and we will take care of it from there. Contract must be signed and signs must be posted 24 hours before vehicles can be removed.

Tel: 817-461-2338

616 Houston St Arlington TX 76011 US

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